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August 2

Well so much has happened in the last 5 days (now I am in Tel Aviv with Harry) and I haven’t kept up with my posting.  I see others give just enough detail but perhaps daily as they travel, and in an accessible way.  I do know that some folks do click through to this blog. I’m learning what works.  I’ve had advice to forget blogging altogether, nobody reads them – these days it’s all about video, YouTube, FB Live and Instagram Live, old fogies are on FB – Snapchat and Live are the new go to (at least for the younger set.) OK, enough about social media.

A summary of the fantastic days getting reacquainted with Christophe after 30 years.  He actually found me on FB around 2009 and we have exchanged messages every few years to say we should meet again.  And this summer it happened.  I was able to meet his family with 3 grown children and then spend a weekend of wonderful food and sites to see at their second home in Normandy (Houlgate). It was marvelous to experience his and his wife Christine’s gracious hospitality. The trip to the local market, and the history from William the Conqueror to D-Day were very rich and deep, though I admit, my knowledge though covered in school didn’t follow suit.  D-Day has been etched in the psyche of the Normandy, perhaps the rest of Europe too.  I don’t believe I have ever seen The Longest Day, but it’s on my list now.

The local market trip to buy provisions for the weekend was outstanding with the freshest, most natural and least processed foods available.  For me, on a low-carb high fat (LCHF) ketogenic diet, a market such as this would be a dream! Somehow, I think any carbs would still be healthier but that’s another part of my blog I think. I’ll post some pics soon.


These market halls in Dives-Sur-Mer date back to the early 1400’s.


Perhaps evoking conquests and battles of the region.


Walking, talking a tree bath for health.

Stay tuned for more representative pics of Normandy.


July 28, 2018

It’s been a busy few days, after the day at the Louvre where I was joined by Maxence, we had beers in the Marais, and then dinner. That might have been the end of a good evening, but he then took me to a rooftop bar with a great view and a very nice vibe. That wasn’t all because then we went to a night club with a cabaret of live singers and “other” entertainment. A fun evening and a full day. Hear the cabaret song here. Cabaret and the Eiffel Tower.

July 25, 2018

For the times I have come to Paris, I have only spent a few hours in the Louvre. There are evening hours on Wednesday’s and Fridays and I’m here. The crowds with the heat are overwhelming, but there are also many galleries beyond the Mona Lisa which I saw the last time (and the Winged Victory) the stuff of books. The tip I got was to enter through the Carousel du Louvre, through the shopping mall cooler and faster.

The Louvre has tactile galleries for those with impaired vision. The is one of the sculptures one can touch. See a 180 degree view.

July 23, 2108

I had to retrieve my passport, it hasn’t been used for 3 years since I went to Japan, Thailand and Cambodia – and this year I’ll try to blog my experience – France, Israel and Spain. While I was retrieving my passport I found this in the passport box – I was 14 and headed to the Philippines. Passports have changed – and so have I.


MAY 24, 2014

Everyone enjoys a happy hour, it’s a time to set up an enjoyable evening, relax with friends and colleagues, or take the business meeting to an informal setting.  If you add value, quality beverages and snacks (or small plates) you have the makings of deepening relationships and satisfaction of a day well done. This is an example, a good day with a walk and brunch at Manhattan Beach, followed by an accupressure massage at the Imperial Health Spa, and the Marriott Airport happy hour before flying home.

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Long Beach Airport Marriott Long Beach Airport Marriott


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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your space grow here, Amor. Writing has long been beneficial to me as a way to clear the clutter in my thoughts. Best wishes on the journey!

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