Sports Massage

massage23The ability to restore and rejuvenate through massage has been recognized and practiced back to antiquity. In ancient Rome, soldiers fatigued, weary and war-torn, as well as Roman athletes were provided recovery and restoration through massage. Olympic champions from Europe and Soviet countries attributed part of their success to sports-focused massage techniques.

Sports massage allows an athlete to achieve optimal performance by accelerating the body’s recovery mechanisms. While reducing recovery time, it can help to restore flexibility and motion to injured muscle tissue. If done regularly, sports massage can also extend an athlete’s career. The massage therapist combines knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics with particular massage techniques to address metabolic processes in tissues, inflammation, spasms and pain, and strains in connective tissue and muscle.

Sport massage is not just for elite, high-perfomance athletes but for all who maintain an active, athletic workout and training regimen. My sports massage is a unique combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Thai techniques that optimize recovery and wellness for those engaged in regular sports and/or athletic activities.


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